Education Wing

A total of 9 primary schools (4 boys’ and 5 girls’ schools) are operational with a teaching staff of 21 male teachers (including 4 headmasters for boys’ schools) and 29 female teachers (including 5 headmistresses for girls’ schools). There are approximately 1292 students enrolled in the schools.  In 2016, one girl’s school was upgraded to the Secondary level. UNHCR provides funds for repair and maintenace of schools as well as provision of books & stationery to students.

In order to improve education among Afghan refugees the ‘school management committees’ for each school are setup, which have representation from the community (parents of students, etc.) and teachers from the schools in order to address education/ school related issues, involve the community in promoting education (especially girls education) and encourage the community’s participation in the education sector. The school management committees (SMCs) in the camp/ refugee village with all trained members serve as the linkage with the community. The community contributes in different forms such as providing children uniforms on their own and no fee is charged from any Afghan refugee student. The Education Sector arranges refresher training for teachers during summer on teaching methodology etc.