A Refugee Camp in Kot Chandna, District Mianwali was established with the financial assistance of Federal Government & UNHCR. The District Administrator of the camp alongwith other personnel pertaining to health, education, security, administration etc. appointed in the Camp. The Camp was constituted over an area of 2,071 Acres in 1982, which in 2019 reduced to 390 Acres, due to rehabilitation of thousands of Afghan refugees inside Afghanistan as well as their self-settlement in big cities of Pakistan, to earn their livelihood. In year 1995, when the provision of ration (food) was closed, most of the population left the camp either in the form of repatriation or shifting to the other cities of province of Punjab with a view to earning their means of livelihood. In the event of lessening population in the Camp, the vacant area got de-notified through the Land Acquisition Collector, and presently the area in the occupation of Afghan Refugees Camp Kot Chandna is about 390-Acres 4-Kanal & 1-Marla covering three villages i.e. Kot Chandna 222-Acres, 6-Kanal & 10-Marla, Tola Mangli 46-Acres & 19-Marla and Kutch Tunder Khel 121-Acres, 4-Kanals & 12-Marlas of Land.
The Land of the Camp was acquired on temporary basis under section 35 Land Acquisition Act and the compensation to the land owners is being paid regularly equal to the value of crops production of land (Jhar-Paidawar).The compensation in the form of 9 awards stands paid. Renewal of the leases of land after every 3 years is being made. Up till now nine awards have been announced by the land acquisition collector. The case for payment of 10th and 11th award is under process in the Ministry of SAFRON.
Presently by mid 2019 the registered population residing in AR camp consists of 2,408 families i.e. 13,152-individuals.