Water Supply Scheme

Provisions of funds are made by the UNHCR for the repair and maintenance of the water supply system and employees related expenditure (ERE)  of the project staff. 
The Water Management Committees (WMCs) in the refugee camp pay the cost of electricity charges as their contribution towards the water supply scheme. Water Management Committees (WMCs) are responsible for collection of water charges and also the control of wastage of water. The WMCs sensitize the community to lower the operational costs and water wastage.  UNHCR cover the cost of repairs and maintenance of WSS due to complicated and expensive running costs of the existing water system.


Existing water supply system consists of the following:
  • 6 Tube Wells
  • 28 Water Tanks
  • 1 Pumping station
  • 1 Turbine
  • Grand Storage Tank (50,000 ltrs)