Health Wing

 Health wing at  AR camp Kot Chandna work in close coordination with CAR Punjab and technical guidance of UNHCR to implement the health programme through the Central Health Unit (CHU) to cater for the emergency needs in the scattered area of the camp. All health related activities in the camp are supervised and implemented by Senior Medical Officer, who is responsible for district and provincial level activities including coordination with UNHCR, the Ministry of Health and NGOs. The services are also offered to the host community living in the vicinity of the camp. 
All essential tests including hepatitis continue to be performed at the self-sustained laboratory at very low cost. All chemicals, reagents and equipment’s required are purchased from the Lab Account. Screening for malaria, leishmania, routine tests for pregnant women i.e. RPR, Blood Group. HB% are performed free of charge. Ultrasonography facilities are also available at very low cost for Afghan patients.
A well maintained Labour Room remains operational for 24 hours to provide emergency obstetric services. The charges for regular delivery are nominal for host community, while all other gynecological and obstetrical procedures are free of charge. All complicated Gynae and Obstetric cases are referred to DHQ Hospital Mianwali for proper management and treatment. Transport facility is provided free of charge for high risk referral cases only for Afghan refugees living in the camp.


Central Health Unit (CHU) provides following health facilities
  • Outdoor patient department (OPD)
  • Ultra-sonography (Ultrasound)
  • ECG Machine Digital 3-Channel
  • TC220 Automatic Chemistry Analyzer
  • TEK-II Mini Auto Hematology Analyzer
  • Labor Room (Maternity Ward)
  • Malaria
  • TB & Polio
  • The Case-load of patients from 1.1.2019 till 30.6.2019 is 4918 
  • Ambulance Service
  • Provision of Medicines