At a Glance


Refugee Camp in Kot Chandna, District Mianwali was established with the financial assistance of Federal Government & UNHCR. The District Administrator of the camp along with other personnel pertaining to health, education, security, administration etc. appointed in the Camp. The Camp was constituted for rehabilitation of thousands of Afghan refugees inside Afghanistan as well as their self-settlement in big cities of Pakistan, to earn their livelihood. Some general information regarding the camp can be viewed at a glance:

Population Year Area (Acres)
182,000 1983 2071
13,152 2019 390

Human Resource

The total number of posts in  Lahore head office and Camp office 


Camp Office



166 208


The allocation of  budget for  FY 2019 

UNHCR (1st jan to 31st Dec 2019)

Government of Pakistan ( 1st july 2019 to 30th june 2020)


47.164 Million

37.839 Million


Registered Afghan Refugees

Details of Tottal number 252,553 Registered Afghan Refugees Residing in Punjab is as follows:

Voluntary Repatriation

 Voluntary repartriation since 2010

2010 to June 2019

Jan 2019 to 30.06.2019






 facalities  available at Kot Chandna Camp:


No. of Boys School

No. of Girls School

Total Schools




No of Male Teachers No of Female Teachers Total
21 31 52


  • Central Health Unit (CHU) providing the facilities of Labor Room, Out Patients, Lab, Immunization (Polio), MSC & Malaria

Water Supply Scheme

Under this scheme following facilities are ensured:

  • 6 Tube Wells
  • 28 Water Tanks
  • 1 Pumping station
  • 1 Turbine
  • Grand Storage Tank (50,000 ltrs)

Community Development Sector

  • The Technical Training Center in the Camp provides technical skill trainings (Computer, Tailoring, Mobile repair, Plumbing, Masonry and Computer repair) to male and female Afghan refugees residing in Kot Chandna and surrounding areas