Quadripartite Steering Committee

The joint Communiqué adopted at the International conference held in Geneva, Switzerland on 3rd May, 2012 regarding solution Strategy for Afghan refugees (SSAR), the member countries were agreed to establish the coordination structure on regional and national level through Quadripartite Steering Committee and National Steering Committee.
The quadripartite Steering committee (Q4) is an entity, supported by three national level committees, which will provide overall leadership and coordination, set strategy direction and promote informed decision-making for the implementation of the three pillars of the Solution Strategy. Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran and UNHCR are part of Quadripartite structure. 

The SSAR Phase III (2018-19) remained the main framework for Solutions, as endorsed by the 5th meeting of the Quadripartite Steering Committee (Q5) held in Dec 2017. The Q5 further endorsed the Enhanced Voluntary Repatriation & Reintegration Package (EVRRP) and undertook to engage in proactive joint-resource mobilization efforts to secure resources for its implementation. Youth empowerment, through the nexus of inter-linked cross-border interventions in the area of education, vocational skills enhancement and livelihoods support, will continue to remain the main cross-cutting theme for the Pakistan operation.  Quadripartite Steering Committee (Q5) and National Steering Committee (NSC) meetings are important for maintaining a comprehensive and harmonized regional approach for the implementation of the Solutions Strategy.

As per ToRs of the Solution Strategy for Afghan Refugees, the Quadripartite meetings would be hosted/chaired by one of the three Governments i.e Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan on rotational basis. Governments of Islamic Republic of Iran and Afghanistan having already hosted two meetings each, it was Government of Pakistan’s turn to host/chair the 6th Quadripartite meeting  and the same was held in Islamabad on 17th June 2019.

National Steering Committee:

It was decided in the Stakeholders Conference that each of the three countries, Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan will form a National Steering committee to oversee the implementation of Solutions Strategy in their own country. 


The National Steering Committee will:  
  • Approve these terms of reference which can be updated and modified, as necessary
  • Periodically review the implementation of the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees at country level and adjust as necessary
  • Coordinate the country-specific implementation of the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees, according to national priorities and circumstances
  • Coordinate, and share progress reports on the implementation of the Solution Strategy for Afghan Refugees, with the Quadripartite Steering Committee twice a year
  • Share information with donors through focused briefings on the progress and challenges as determined by the respective countries