Solution Strategy For Afghan Refugees

The International Stakeholders Background
  • The International Stakeholders’ Conference endorsed the Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees, held in Geneva, Switzerland on 2-3 May, 2012
  • The multi-layer  Solutions Strategy for Afghan Refugees (SSAR) is the outcome of extensive deliberations and consultations by the Governments of Afghanistan of Iran, Pakistan and UNHCR
  • The strategy provides a useful roadmap to address protection and durable solutions for Afghan refugees through regional and international co-operation
The Solutions Strategy has three main themes/Pillars
  • Creating conditions conducive for voluntary repatriation through community  based  investments in areas of high return
  • Building Afghan refugee capital linked to livelihood opportunities in Afghanistan to facilitate return; and
  • Enhanced support to refugee hosting communities
The proposed interventions in each country fall within five outcome areas as follows
  • Support for voluntary repatriation
  • Access to shelter and essential social services for refugees, returnees and impacted communities
  • Improved and diversified livelihood opportunities and enhanced food security
  • Protection of refugees, returnees and development of impacted communities
  • Capacity development for national authorities, associations, organizations to address the issues of refugees, returnees and impacted communities